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My reflection on the year that’s been: Grateful

My reflection on the year that’s been: Grateful

A lot can happen in 12 months. True to form, this year has been no different. And with all that might occur in a year, there are so many experiences to draw from when deciding how to frame it. 

In this thought, I reflect on the year that’s been through the lens of gratitude – something I’m learning to do more. It’s not been a perfect year per se. But it’s been a great year. Here are five reasons that rank high on the list of things I’m grateful for in 2023. 

Good Health

If there’s one thing you learn to value as you get older, it’s good health. I’m grateful for mine. I didn’t have any serious health concerns this year. That said, there have been challenges in my immediate circle that made health and wellbeing front of mind for me this year. 

A significant factor in this regard is access to good healthcare. I’ve seen the benefits of this up close this year, and I’m immensely grateful for access to good healthcare.

Good health affects life directly and profoundly, not just for the person concerned but also for everyone around them who cares.

There’s also mental health. I’ve taken more ownership of my well-being in this area lately and can say I’m much better for it. Like physical health, I’m learning to embrace the idea that good mental health requires constant effort. 

Meaningful Connection

I’ve enjoyed being nourished by the relationships I’ve had this year. On relationships, I’ve learnt that quality is more important than count. I’ve had the privilege of making new quality connections this year while deepening the existing ones. 

On a personal note, I can share that my most important relationship has undoubtedly been (and remains) with my darling wife. Together, we’ve made light of major headwinds this year.

Meaningful Work

Work has always been important to me. I’m grateful to have produced some of my best work this year, creatively and professionally.

Also, as someone who makes sense of reality through writing, the privilege of being able to share my thoughts on this platform is not lost on me – I couldn’t be more grateful!

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I take this positive energy into the year (and years) ahead. 


While the year has not been without its tremors and turbulences, it’s been relatively calm. I’ve enjoyed having peace this year, sometimes defying my immediate circumstances. I’ve also had multiple opportunities to pause, reflect and gain invaluable perspective. 


My wife and I travelled this year for leisure for the first time since the pandemic hit. There’s a benefit to travel, especially international travel: It’s a humbling reminder of how big and socially diverse the world is. We got to catch a glimpse of it yet again.

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