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15 Tips For Getting Around Google Chrome on a Mac

15 Tips For Getting Around Google Chrome on a Mac

For better or worse, browsers are crucial to our online experience. Being savvy with them makes it easier to access (often critical) information and get around the web. 

While mobile browsers make the internet more accessible than ever, desktop browsers are far more practical for your ‘serious’ use cases. They have a larger screen and offer more features.  

I’ve researched and curated a list of Google Chrome shortcuts to elevate your browsing experience, and mine. When your workflow involves being online and having multiple tabs open (you know yourself), these shortcuts can save you invaluable time and attention, two priceless resources. 

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1. Open a new tab, and jump to it

⌘ + T

If you only take one thing away from here, let it be this. Use the Ctrl + T (for tab) combo to open a blank tab and jump to it. I always open new web pages in a separate tab to avoid losing sight of the tab I’m actively working on. 

2. Jump one tab to the right

Ctrl + Tab

There are several hotkeys to shuffle between your open tabs. The easiest one to remember (for me) is the Ctrl + Tab key. It moves to the tab on the immediate right. If there’s no tab to the immediate right (i.e. you’re on the rightmost tab) it’ll jump back to the leftmost tab. 


Jump one tab to the right | ⌘ + Option + Right arrow

Jump one tab to the left | ⌘ + Option + Left arrow

3. Close the current tab

⌘ + W

This shortcut is handy for closing the current tab when you’re done with it. 

4. Reopen previously closed tab

⌘ + Shift + T

It’s good to know there’s a quick way to reopen closed tabs, handy when you’ve just closed a tab and need one last peek. This helpful hotkey reopens tabs in order, starting from the most recently closed.

5. Open a link in a new background tab

⌘ + Click a link

You may want to open a link in a new tab while staying on the active tab. This is especially helpful when opening multiple links.

6. Open a link, and jump to it

⌘ + Shift + Click a link

You’ll often want to open a link in a separate tab, and then jump to it. This saves you from having to navigate to the new tab in a separate step. 

7. Save your current webpage as a bookmark

⌘ + D

True to its name the bookmark feature allows you to save a web location for later.

8. Show or hide the Bookmarks bar

⌘ + Shift + B

If you ever need some screen real estate, consider toggling the bookmark bar on and off.

9. Open the History page in a new tab

⌘ + Y

Open your browsing history for a list view of your recent activity. This view also features a handy search box where you can drill down to a specific page you want to revisit. 

10. Open the Downloads page in a new tab

⌘ + Shift + J

Open the downloads page for quick access to recently downloaded files. This saves you from having to access them through your regular file manager. 

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11. Open the Find Bar to search the current page

⌘ + F

The search feature is an incredibly nifty tool. It highlights matches of your search terms on the page, making them easy to spot.


Jump to the next match to your Find Bar search | ⌘ + G

Jump to the previous match to your Find Bar search | ⌘ + Shift + G

12. Jump to the address bar

⌘ + L

The address bar is crucial to the web browsing experience. It helps to have this shortcut that gets you to it quickly.

13. Search with your default search engine

Search term + Return

You can enter a search term in the browser’s address bar and hit return to search it. Your browser will search using the default search engine. Since Google is the default search engine in Chrome, there’s no need to go to for a search.

14. Open a new tab and perform a Google search

Search term + ⌘ + Return

If you ever need to run multiple Google searches, it can feel a bit arduous having to create a new tab for each search. This neat shortcut will save you that hassle. Use it to run a Google search directly from the address bar. The results will appear in a new tab. 

15. Open the Clear Browsing Data options

⌘ + Shift + Delete

As you browse the web, different sites will store little files (called cookies) that enable them to remember you and create a better experience. This takes up valuable memory and slows down your device. It helps to clear your browsing data once in a while. This nifty shortcut will help you get right to it. 

If you found any of that enticing, you may be wanting for more. Here’s a link to the official list of Chrome keyboard shortcuts on Google’s support page. 

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